1- Special School

With the inception of School in the year 2005, hearing impaired students are given education as well as creative and artistic training.


2- Developmental program for mentally challenged

Presently, a group of 10 children are being looked after at the school by a team of special consultant, under whose guidance education, speech therapy and physiotherapy is given.


3- A-level sign language

In December 2005, the training of sign language was given with participants receiving RCI and AYJNIHH certificates.


4- Vocational training centre

For vocational training various workshops are conducted such as spiral binding, lamination, typing, computer, painting, tailoring, incense stick making paper bag making, paper Mache, Rakhi making etc .


5- Umang Speech & Hearing centre

The following facilities are available: Under the guidance of the consultant we provide –Hearing Check up, audiometry impedance speech audiometric, hearing and trial speech and voice therapy, ear mould, A.V.T(cochlear implant)


6- Umang-parent Association

With the cooperation the parents of the students an association has been created to provide advice and guidance to the parents. We are planning to raise it to the district level. Other parents are also welcomed.


7- Summer camps

During summer camps special students of our organization and both special and normal students of the other organization are together taught creative skills like painting, craft, sculpture, dance, table, synthesizer, mime ,theatre etc.


8- Workshops

Presently, awareness program to parents, environment awareness program are being conducted in which the disable member of the society are also included.


9- Camps

Every year hearing check up camp , health camp, dental checkup, blood donation and hemoglobin checkup camps are organized.


10- Sports

Students of the organization are given the opportunity to play cricket and other games such as chess, carom, and badminton every Saturday with special permission.


11- Entertainment

Every year students are taken on an educational tour along with which they are given chance to participate in different activities during the tour organized by the other organizations, where they come out with flying colors by demonstrating their performances.


12- Inclusive Education Program

Up to class IVth students are prepared so that they are able to join the mainstream along with the normal students with class 5 onwards. A student name S.M.Farookh got success in this and is currently studying in class 12th in a regular school. Apart from this they are also prepared for 10th and 12th examination from state open.


13- National Trust

Umang Gauravdeep Welfare society is also a registered member of ARUNIM, which provide students with all the facilities such as scholarships, Health Insurance, Vocational training.


14- Enjoyment programs

We celebrate birthdays of our students, every Wednesdays we let students play sports /games of their choice,and we also provide refreshments every Saturdays.


15- Colour Making

We have started our new activity as colour making by flower.