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About us


Umang Gauravdeep welfare society

It is not known when Umang started working. While walking with others, he got his own experience, so to come into existence, he got officially registered for validity. 29 March 2006 Serial Number 16202 / 06 Name Completed “Umang  Gauravdeep Welfare Society”

Prior to registration for sign language, Indore-deaf-deaf organization contacted Indore, called for ISL teaching, Bhopal and prepared a group and started “A” level course of Indian Sign Language training and in the first match, 12 students were invited and 7 got success, who got RCI And received certificates from AYJNHHH.

On the encouragement of parents, deaf and dumb children started Umang Special School in July 06, which got special recognition from the Department of Integrated Education under the name G D Rainbow.

For working in the field of disabled welfare of the organization, the organization obtained the certificate of Section-52 and received departmental recognition on completion of its three years (on 26 May 2009). At its level, Umang organized health camps, hearing check-up camps, free distribution of hearing aids, and also conducted workshops on Diwali, Rakhi, Judo training, painting, programs on environmental protection, etc. with various organizations.

Whether it is the annual festival of the institution or the Garba Mahotsav, the students of the institution representing the district section, divisional, state level, dance, drama, painting, carrom, floral decoration, etc. May Baalrang, National, Amblympic, Junior, Senior in Mumbai, Bidding, Computer, Typing  etc.  training has started

Objectives of Umang Gauravdeep Welfare Society on which the organization has been working for 15 years.

  1. To provide guidance and education for the disabled.
  2. Along with motivating the disabled for self-employment, encouraging them for employment, providing them employment according to education.
  3. To develop  artistic, creative, creative qualities of disabled people according to their skills.
  4. Conducting marriages  of disabled people.
  5. Providing legal advice to the disabled, defending them in the court.
  6. Organizing camps for the health check-up of disabled people in the institution.
  7. To provide career guidance to the disabled by the counselors of various departments.
  8. To make women aware in slum areas by organizing camps on health, education, employment and food.
  9. To encourage women and girls by giving them guidance for self-employment along with education.
  10. To encourage people belonging to scheduled castes and tribes to work for bringing them into the mainstream of the society.
  11. Helping women and girls by participating in all the activities conducted by the Women and Child Development Department.
  12. To work for animal welfare, to run animal protection schools, to provide employment to villagers and disabled people through animal husbandry.
  13. To conserve  biodiversity and to spread its benefits to life and to create awareness about environmental protection.
  14. Providing benefits of all government schemes to the disabled.
  15. To encourage disabled people for all related government awards.
  16. Honoring the disabled and their parents on their achievements.